All personnel undergo training conducted by Nova Security Defence Sdn. Bhd. professional trainers and compulsory training scheduled by PPKKM. (Security Services Organisation of Malaysia) as required by Ministry of Home Affairs. Training is specific and fitted to job specifications before deployment. This
ultimately translates into a high standard of service and efficiency. Nova Security Defence Sdn. Bhd. ensures that guards are sent on retraining programs regularly. The updated modules will keep our personnel up-to-date, and thus ensures that quality and excellent service prevails throughout our service.

The training module includes:-

  • Armed guards
  • Dog handler
  • Night patrolling
  • Emergency response team (ERT)
  • Body protection
  • Weapons training
  • Private investigation training
  • Risk management training
  • Bomb escort
  • Port marine escort
  • CIT
  • CCTV camera
  • Security IT system
  • Emergency procedures
  • Fire prevention
  • Evacuation techniques & Assembly
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Incident Report & Record Books
  • Equipment handling
  • Communication
  • Self-Defense techniques
  • Our Nepalese guards are able to understand, appreciate and handle safety and security standards set by relevant safety standards organisations in Malaysia. They are trained to communicate in English effectively will be able to communicate in basic Bahasa Malaysia after a short duration of exposure in Malaysia

  • Our trained Nepalese are adaptable to all situations. They are mentally and physically equipped to meet the standards of even the most rigorous occupation. They have a reputation for being hardworking and versatile. We believe that our Nepalese security guards that we provide will conduct themselves impeccably