Nepalese Security Personnel

Nova Security Defence Sdn. Bhd. recruits Nepalese as security guards. Our potential candidates must conform to our stringent quality control requirements.

Nova Security Defence Sdn. Bhd. quality control assessment includes:-

  • Nepalese (Army)
  • Suitable physical appearance / height
  • Disciplined / firm / friendly
  • Ability to communicate – Read, Speak and write basic English
  • Able to take pressure / constructive criticism / positive minded
  • Candidates who successfully complete this process are shortlisted. Recruits who pass this process are then vetted by the ministry of Home Affairs which is a pre condition, before being employed. The shortlisted recruits are then interviewed personally by the senior management team of Nova Security Defence Sdn. Bhd. to ensure we get the best security guard according to our client’s requirements