Physical Security Guards

At Nova Security Defence Sdn. Bhd. Our security professionals will guide you in providing security measured that we primarily designed to deny access to unauthorized personnel (including attackers or even accidental intruders) from physically accessing your building, facility, resource, or stored information and guide you on how to design structures to resist potentially hostile acts. We at Nova Security Defence Sdn. Bhd. understand that physical security can be as simple as locked door or as elaborate as multiple layers of barriers, armed security guards and guardhouse placement.

Nova Security Defence Sdn. Bhd. is primarily concerned with restricting physical access by unauthorized people (commonly interpreted as intruders) to controlled facilities.

We at Nova Security Defence Sdn. Bhd. have stringent procedures in recruiting our guards/ officers. Our employees are equipped with basic knowledge which includes emergency responses, weapons handling, communications and legal rights. Every employee is required to go through basic security training before they are assigned.

Below are the minimum criteria which our security guards / officers:-

  • Age Range: 18-55 years old
  • Academic: Minimum UPSR or higher
  • Speaking: Bahasa Melayu / English / Local Language
  • Writing: Bahasa Melayu / English
  • Health: Passed medical checkup under government clinics / hospitals
  • Record: No criminal record