Defence Equipment

We offer to source across a huge range of any military ground, air and sea offensive equipments to support their assets readiness. The range will include battlefield equipments, medicals, transport and logistics, signal communication sets, any range of intelligence products.

Security Equipment

As one of our total dedication of our services, Nova Defence we work in line or assist with the requirement of government ministry and Law
Enforcement agency of any private security company in fulfilling the need of their security requirement.

Weaponry Arsenal

Nova Defence provide the Arsenals of weaponry which are created for the Armed Forces. These arsenals are designed to neutralize occupied vehicles and structures, suppress enemy positions, and assault targets from far away. Weapons include the Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), grenade launchers, machine guns, rifles, and enhanced sniper rifles. This includes Ammunition falls under this category as well

Tank & Support Vehicle

Land Systems such as rubber tyred & mechanised APC, Main Battle Tanks, Armoured Fighting Vehicle. These were designed to transport infantry and provide firepower. They’re heavily armored, can withstand explosions, and quickly deploy soldiers. Support Vehicle includes Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT), to move supplies and soldiers from different locations.

Personal Equipment

Some of the gear that service members use include uniforms, GPS locators, laser target finders, night vision goggles, parachutes, tactical vests, extended climate clothing, combat tents, general purpose masks, chemical agent detectors, spotting scopes, individual first aid kits, and mine detectors. All of these aid in an individual’s ability to perform their required tasks during day-to-day operations as well as to survive life-threatening situations.

Uniforms & Safety Gears

Safety gears help military personnel to perform their duties. Its specially prepared for whatever challenges on the field. Our catalog of quality uniforms and safety supplies can be a reliable source of solution. We design logos, stickers, custom patches, with a professional standard and military grade. All available protective clothing’s are customizable and can be made exclusive. Nova Defence can provide an offer following to the client requirement.